Aeronautical Information Services - National Flight Data Center (NFDC)

The NFDC website has been consolidated with the FAA's Aeronautical Information Services website.  Please bookmark the new Aeronautical Data/NFDC website location.


NFDC manages a number of web applications to automate workflows, enabled collaboration, and publish data. The following table summarizes the purpose and availability of each application.

DescriptionPurposeUsers / Availability
FADDS - Facility Aeronautical Data Distribution SystemAggregate and distribute authoritative aeronautical data for the aviation community.Public registration
TPSS - Third Party Survey SystemAutomate the internal FAA processing of WAAS survey files.For internal FAA use
NFDC AppsAutomate the internal FAA processing of data changes, requests, and inquires.For internal FAA use
AGIS - Airports GISAutomate the collection and maintenance process of airport and aeronautical data.Public registration