Aeronautical Information Services - National Flight Data Center (NFDC)

The NFDC website has been consolidated with the FAA's Aeronautical Information Services website.  Please bookmark the new Aeronautical Data/NFDC website location.

NFDC Mission

The National Flight Data Center (NFDC) is part of the FAA's Aeronautical Information Services group (AJV-5).  NFDC is responsible for the collection, validation and quality control of aeronautical information that is disseminated to support NAS operations detailing the physical description, geographical position, and operational characteristics and status of all components of the NAS.

The NFDC is responsible for providing aeronautical information for operational use by

  • ATCTs
  • ARTCCs
  • Air Traffic Control System Command Center
  • Flight Service Stations
  • DOD
  • DHS
  • private chart producers
  • airports
  • pilots
  • Flight Management Systems
  • Global Positioning Systems
  • onboard cockpit displays
  • moving maps
  • and data link systems.  

NFDC aeronautical information is used to develop and update Instrument Approach Procedures, digital products, aeronautical charts and related publications.  The NFDC disseminates aeronautical information in accordance with standards established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and in accordance with the AIRAC cycle.